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October 29-November 7

posted Oct 27, 2013, 7:29 PM by Lisa Fernandes

Students will copy and paste this paragraph below and follow the directions. Students will login to GOOGLE DRIVE and create a DOCUMENT. The document will be renamed "word processing." After completing the task, students will complete the self-assessment below.

Word Processing Skills for Fifth Grade

I am practicing my word processing skills. I can center the title of this paragraph. I can change the title’s font to Arial. I can change the title’s font size to 24. I can make the title Bold. I can indent the first line of this paragraph with a Tab. I can change the spacing of this paragraph to double-space without pressing Return/Enter at the end of each line. I can copy this paragraph completely and paste it at the end of this paragraph, so there are two identical copies of this paragraph. I will type my name on my paper.

Grade 5 Word Processing Skills Assessment