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RAZ-KIDS will be ending JUNE 30, 2017.

We will be using a new reading website at
Each student will be receiving a username and password before the summer.

Each student has a password. 
The password is the 
(9-digit) Student ID number.

It can be found on any of the following:
  • Report Card
  • NYC Schools Account

If you are having trouble, 
please contact the classroom teacher.
Teacher Username Room
Ms. Caffrey dausiello 102
Mr. Barcia sbarciab 406
Ms. Bracco gbracco 410
Ms. Bruccoleri bbruccoleri 404
Ms. Cassidy ccassidya 216
Ms. Durantas ydurantas 407
Ms. Dusek aduseka 420
Ms. Genovese mgenovese0 316
Ms. Ho choj 104
Ms. Huang yhuangb 223
Ms. Johnson ajohnson69 220
Mr. Koulentianos lkoul 105
Ms. Lauto mlauto 206
Ms. Leshi dleshi 301
Ms. Lovetro wlovetro 405
Ms. Martucci jmartuccib 408
Ms. Mazzara jmazzara 306
Ms. McQuade lmcquade 402
Ms. Mule smule0 219
Ms. Panepinto apanepinto69 101
Ms. Pecora lpecora 305
Ms. Rogan mrogana 412
Ms. Roughley iroughley 204
Ms. Ryan rryang 401
Ms. Scuteri jscuteri 308
Ms. Siegel dpsiegel 307
Ms. Sollitto esollitto 310
Ms. Stokes cstokes12 323
Ms. Utano gutano69 304
Ms. Zhou nzhoue 205
Ms. Zhou lzhoub 302