Grade 4

Fourth Grade students will experience the following skills with assistance as needed to develop mastery:


  • Use standard technology vocabulary
  • Use proper care of handling technology hardware and software
  • Identify parts of the computer
  • Identify parts of the desktop/screen
  • Using a mouse for pointing, clicking, double-clicking, and dragging
  • Opening, using, closing and quitting a program
  • Manipulate windows
  • Saving and printing independently
  • Save and retrieve documents
  • Recognize icons and their functions
  • Activate computers for use


  • Develop keyboarding skills
  • Locate numbers, letter, and symbols on a keyboard
  • Develop proper use of the space bar, punctuation, and shift keys
  • Use various fonts, sizes and colors of text
  • Change alignment of text
  • Insert and delete characters
  • Observe ethics and respect when using computers
  • Follow school Safety/Acceptable Use Policy
  • Observe copyright laws
  • Demonstrate appropriate behavior while working independently
  • Develop ideas about respecting one's own work as well as others
  • Use on-line and software programs independently
  • Name and save a document
  • Create/Use shared folders
  • Create documents independently


  • Continue to develop keyboarding skills
  • Locate keys with the correct fingering
  • Continue to develop skills using various computer programs
  • Develop Internet skills with adult assistance
  • Use keyboard shortcuts
  • Use cut and paste
  • Use appropriate curriculum based resources to research a topic


  • Develop skills used in navigating a web page with adult assistance
  • Insert graphics found on the Internet or in a graphic library
  • Use technology resources to locate information with adult assistance
  • Explore multimedia and other developmentally appropriate material
  • Use of safe search engines
  • Acquire images from the internet
  • Choose and produce appropriate graphs to represent data
  • Sort data and find relationships
  • Use keywords to search
  • Add/organize bookmarks
  • Download and save files to appropriate folders
  • Send and receive email


  • Develop use of a multimedia presentation tool , such as Microsoft Powerpoint and Google Slides
  • Develop their own ideas using multimedia presentation tools
  • Insert text and graphics into multimedia presentations
  • Create graphics/fields/buttons in multimedia presentations
  • Use tools to manipulate presentations
  • Record and import sound