View assignments

You can view assignments in the class stream and on the Assignments page. On the Assignments page, you can sort your assignments by those that are To-Do or Done, and by class. You can also see the assignments that have been graded and returned.

To view assignments on a specific class page:

  1. Sign in to Classroom at
  2. Select the class.
  3. Assignments appear in the stream in the order that they were assigned.

When you select a specific assignment, you can choose to see the Assignment Details with all of the information about the assignment that your teacher has provided or My Assignment with the buttons to add, create, and turn in your work for the assignment.

You can also view assignments on the Assignments page:

  1. Sign in to Classroom at
  2. Click the  Classroom Menu icon in the upper-left corner and click Assignments.
  3. The To-Do tab is automatically selected and assignments that are due soon are displayed first.

  4. Click an assignment to access it.
  5. Click the Done tab to see the assignments you have already submitted.
    • If it has been graded, the grade is listed on the right
    • If your teacher has provided other feedback, you can see it by clicking on the assignment
  6. You can view your assignments by class by clicking the All Classes drop-down menu and selecting the class you want to see.